How to be a Holdor (Holdor token buyer’s guide)

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2 min readMay 27, 2021


Hello to everyone of our community. We will describe the steps needed for everyone to buy our token when it fair-launches on 28/5 19:00UTC.

Step 0: So the first to do is be excited! Because we are so excited for the launch and the months that will follow with all the things we are going to implement.

Real steps below:

Step 1: Download Metamask or Trust Wallet in your mobile/tablet (or install browser extension).

Step 2: Obtain BNB token through some exchange (e.g. Binance).

Step 3: Send the BNB tokens to your wallet (Metamask/Trust Wallet).

Step 4: Navigate to (v2). Be sure you use the right version as indicated at the bottom of the page

Step 5: Connect wallet, select swap (from the menu on the left)

Step 6: Click the “select the currency” button and paste the contract address of Holdor as it listed on our social media (telegram, twitter)

Step 7: Click settings icon (top right of swap) and adjust slippage to 10-14%. This value changes as more people buy and stabilizes after some time when volume is not so big. If you have issues buying tokens try increasing the slippage even more.

Keep in mind to keep some BNB (<0.01) for when you need to swap back.

Step 8: Approve the transaction and then swap the tokens.

You should now be an official Holdor holder and will begin receiving the rewards from reflections (buys/sells).

Iron Bank in Game Of Thrones

Keep holding and be an Iron Bank!